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Blended Learning provides your students with practice outside of the classroom

What is Blended Learning?

Online learning is gaining new momentum and becoming one of the most popular ways to study languages. 

Blended Learning takes traditional classroom lessons presented by teachers whose first language is not English and supplements them by adding online private lessons with a native speaker teacher. This optimizes the learning process and accelerates results.

Advantages of NEI's Blended Learning 

Shared Learning Plan

We collaborate with your local teachers and adjust to your lesson plans to help your students achieve the best results.


High Quality Teaching

NEI's teachers -- all TESL-certified, university-graduate Americans – are passionate about what we do. We not only teach, we inspire our students!


Best of Both Worlds

A native speaker teacher is ideal for learning to speak natural-sounding English, but a Local Teacher is often better at explaining grammar.

Flexible Schedule
For students attending an English class, adding NEI's course for speaking practice is easy! Flexible schedule means you can book when it's convenient for you. 

Transparent Managed Learning

Your Individual Learning Plan will help you achieve your goals, while your lesson recordings and the assignments selected for you reinforce the material you covered. 

Why Blended Learning?

In a competitive business environment, it's technology-forward companies that thrive. NEI helps your school, college, or language center give students the advantage of native speaker teachers on an innovative platform that makes your school's results outshine competitors. 


With NEI, your students get: 

Practice talking with native speaker teachers who are trained to help them overcome the language barrier

Preparation for the speaking part of exams (IELTS, TOEFL)

Expert pronunciation training

Flexible schedule and Individual Learning Plan for each student

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"Communication with native speakers is crucial for English language teachers.

Working with NEI is a unique opportunity for any teacher to enhance their professional skills and jump-start their creativity."

Nikita P., English Teacher, Fulbright Scholar; Shuya, Russia