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Our subscriptions are tailored to your needs. Select the plan that best fits your expectations and learning intensity.

The best way to master a language is through engaging and focused interactions with native speakers. That's why we’ve developed a web-facilitated live learning method that mimics a language immersion experience for students of English abroad. We design an Individual Plan for each student, and our native speaker Teachers follow this plan in weekly 1:1s.

During each 1:1, Teachers and students have guided conversations focusing on pronunciation, grammar, and building vocabulary, all while improving fluency and confidence.

After each 1:1, students access their custom portal and replay their 1:1 recording (audio and video), learning through repetition how to talk about topics that are meaningful and relevant to them—just as they would if they were studying in an English-speaking country. Students then record themselves answering Replay Challenge questions and do Extra English activities targeted at the individual students’ needs. These Extra English assignments include:

· Pronunciation practice

· Grammar exercises

· Reading for vocabulary practice and reinforcement

· Listening comprehension 

NEI’s technology platform helps us match the most relevant assignments to students needs, and keeps track of what has been learned so that students can focus on what they need to get to the next level, delivering a structured, customized approach to learning that motivates English learners of all ages.

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