Cancellation Policy


This cancellation policy applies to all standard NEI subscriptions. It does not apply to Speaking Of Code or other special programs which prohibit cancellations. 

A.Appointments you have scheduled may be canceled up to 7 days (=168 hours)  in advance.  
B.Rescheduling/Legal Cancellations (1-7 days in advance)  
You may you use legal cancellations when you need to change an appointment you have booked that is within the next 7 days:
1. Cancel the appointment >24 hours in advance.
2. Book a new appointment at your preferred time. 
3. You are allotted a fixed number of legal cancellations. (To see the number of legal cancellations for your subscription plan, log in to your account and select 'My Profile')
4.  If you use all of your available legal cancellations, any lessons you cancel after that will be deducted from your available Lesson Units.
C.Late Cancellations
Any appointments canceled <24 hours in advance will reduce your available lesson units. 

Technical issues

If you are unable to see or hear the Teacher due to NEI's technical issues, we will credit your account for that 1:1. If you are unable to see or hear the Teacher due to technical issues with your computer or network (e.g. audio/video not correctly configured, slow connection), the 1:1 will still be deducted from your account.


The Teacher has reserved the time that you scheduled. If you connect late to the 1:1 it will still end at the scheduled time.