Come meet our TESL-certified North American teachers and experience our innovative learning method.
NEI is for anyone ages 12 and up who is serious about conversational fluency and wants to learn English that sounds natural.
Individual students of English of all ages
Students preparing for TOEFL or IELTS
Businesses looking to boost the level of English of their staff
English teachers of students ages 12 and up
It’s proven--the easiest way to master a foreign language is to live in a country where that language is spoken. If you can’t go abroad, how can you possibly learn to speak English confidently? The NEI program gives you a Virtual Immersion™ experience. NEI will teach you conversational English the way it is spoken in the USA and Canada. Our program will help you progress faster in your English class and score higher on exams.
You only need:
Desire to speak better
Commitment to practice
Openness to speaking without inhibition
NEI gives you:
All TESL-certified American teachers
Engaging live conversation practice
Convenient, flexible scheduling
Individual Learning Plan & Activities
Portal with videos of all your lessons™
Express yourself confidently in English!
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