Group Plan
What do people in your organization need to be able to talk about? We develop content expressly for you.

More efficient, focused learning than in a classroom.

We coach individually, so each participant learns at the appropriate level, whether beginner or advanced.

Each participant's level is assessed, and individual goals set for him. 

Monthly reporting to you of each participant's completion of conversation practice and assignments.

Employer Review

"Для наших ecommerce целей они дают нужную лексику и разбор деловых ситуаций, а также акцент - чтобы мы выглядели почти Native для американцев."

Dmitry Z., PhD, Co-founder, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Group Plan
  • 5 participants
  • 18-hour course. Scheduled at individual convenience, 1.5 hours each week.
  • Each additional participant (over 5) + $120
  • $600 / 3 Months

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